3 Benefits Of Choosing to Pick a Rescue Dog For Your Next family Pet.

It has been well established that in Australia we love our dogs and many homes across this great country have or have had a dog in their life at some point. As a parent, we know at some point that our kids are going to want a pet and a puppy usually comes at the top of most children’s lists. However, instead of going the usual route to getting your new puppy by buying it at a pet store, how about looking at the alternative. There is a dog waiting for a new home at a rescue centre and they would love to go home with you.

If you do go this route, you really need to consider getting the right pet insurance for this new member of your family. It is best to give your new pet the best start in life and remember for the next 10 years or so, this little guy is going to be your kid’s best friend. To find out which policy is best for your pet, check out the Pet Insurance Australia reviews online and you will see they have happy clients. Read through these and make an informed decision about your pet insurance.

Here are some of the benefits for choosing to adopt a rescue dog in your local area.

  1. First and foremost, you are saving a life. If this dog doesn’t have someone to come and take him away from this rescue centre, then he may have to be put to sleep. This isn’t worth thinking about, but this is the reality of dogs who can’t find a new owner to take care of them. There always has to be a new space created for the next abandoned dog to get its chance at a new home. It is a never ending circle and it is very sad to see.
  2. Puppy mills are a blight on the Australian pet scene as more and more pedigree puppies are born to satisfy human greed. This is your opportunity to push back and you do this by adopting a loving animal from a dog rescue shelter and not from a pet store. Adopting your new pet is your way of saying no to these puppy mills and it sends a message to other would be adopters that getting your new pet from a rescue home is the best option for everyone.
  3. Opting for a rescue dog will also save you lots of money. The adoption fees are very reasonable and you get a dog that has all its shots and is in good health. Buying a pet store dog means that you still have to pay for your animal’s shots even after you have paid hundreds of dollars.

This is your chance to change a dog’s life forever and to bring it the love and attention that it clearly has never had. Imagine its little face as it figures out that you want to take it home and give it a new life. It is something wonderful that all people should experience.